Q:  How long are your written estimates valid for?
A:  Estimates are good for 30 days.  This is because material prices change frequently.

Q:  What types of insurance does your company have?
A:  We have property damage, personal liability, and vehicle insurances.

Q:  Do you use subcontractors?
A:  Yes, sometimes we use subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, tile, specialty countertops , concrete, masonry,  heating& air conditioning. We are skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of the business; however ,we cannot be properly licensed in every area.

Q:  When are payments due and how do can I pay?
A:  Pennsylvania state law dictates that we must break the project down into 3 payments. Therefore, the first payment will be made when we sign the contract for the job. The second payment will be made halfway through the job (since every job is unique the midpoint for your job will be specified on the contract). The last payment will be made once you are satisfied that all work is completed and all final inspections are completed. We accept cash, and personal checks.

Q:  Who and how many people will I be in contact with throughout my project?

A: Since we are a small local company you will be in contact with Jason throughout your entire project.  Because of this, some of the details and miscommunications that might happen when dealing with a larger company are avoided.  Depending on the project you might be in contact with our suppliers to pick out your materials and finishes. All pricing and materials specifications will come directly through CCC.

Q:  How does CCC protect my home during the construction process? 
A: We use drop cloths to collect dust and dirt in the work area. We may set-up plastic walls , tape doors, cover supply and return grilles to prevent dust from escaping the work area. We clean up daily and remove debris on a daily basis. We always treat you home as if it was our own.